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Feeling like you’ve lost touch with God? Not sure what’s next in your life? One Heart Warriors is designed to help you grow, build you up as a leader, and train you to be a disciple of Jesus. Not only will you learn how to cook healthy meals, but you’ll learn workouts you can do for life to stay in shape, build community, and most importantly, find rhythm in your relationship with God. 


Grow closer to God


learn how to cook healthy


get in shape


serve your community

the vision of
One Heart warriors

One Heart is designed to identify, equip, and support leaders in Native ministry. We identify these leaders through several strategic outreaches that provide unique services to Native communities. We equip these leaders with various types of educational programs, leadership development and discipleship training. We then provide ongoing ministry support through the One Heart network to ensure that their efforts are impactful and lasting. We train our leaders with 5 different components.

5 pillars of growth

We believe that there are 5 areas to grow, and we do this together – we support you. We have seen that this provides strength and direction for our warriors. Equipping you to lead and serve your community.


Establish a healthy lifestyle with regular workouts and healthy eating. Simple yet so important to develop sustainable habits so we can feel our best and honor the body that God has given us. 


Goal-oriented workouts


4-6 workouts per week *designed by Tuff


Cooking and grocery shopping for healthy living


Recreational activities and challenges


We want to know God and His ways. By digging in his word, prayer, and scripture memory, we’ll be refined to be more like Him. 


Build *upon* a relationship with God


Operation Solid Lives (OSL) discipleship


Scripture memorization (Topical Memory System)


Faith builders


Breakthroughs in the growth process


Mental toughness is not easy to train but in everything we do we push ourselves and each other beyond our limits. We become individuals who won’t quit even in the face of adversity.


Growth oriented environment


Be challenged and pushed


Achieve what you didn’t think was possible


Sharpen life skills


We can’t control everything, this includes the people in our lives like family and co-workers. What we can control is how we take responsibility in everything. We learn to love others well and set healthy boundaries around all our relationships. 


Get connected with a mentor


Live in Community


Build lasting relational impact through serving opportunities in Billings, local reservations and on mission trips.


We learn basic money training so we can develop realistic goals and dreams. We’re becoming good stewards so that we can in turn be a blessing to others.


Financial Peace University (FPU)


Get out of debt


Learn how to budget


Build a financial plan


Define and work towards financial goals

One Heart brings Romans 12:2 to life; my life has been transformed by the renewing of my mind in the program.

– Serena

“One Heart Warriors impacted my life by allowing me to grow in an environment that didn’t shame me for failures but taught me principles that excelled my growth. It’s shown me how to let go of shame and guilt and replace it with truth that has brought an abundance of light to my life. I learned to fully trust and love the Lord which lead me to trust and love the community around me.”

– Nicole

“As an introvert, going through the One Heart training program has taught me the importance and benefit of building meaningful relationships with others.”

– Seth

“One Heart developed in me a stronger, bolder, exciting life-giving trust in the Lord. I have made decision after decision to entrust the Lord with my provision and my future, and it’s freed me to dream again!”

– Sam

“The biggest impact One Heart had on me was my mindset. My thoughts have changed for the better in my finances, my relationships, and most importantly my walk with God. In times of being tested I have a lot to fall back on as a result of my time with One Heart.”



Where is it located?

We’re located in Billings, MT

Can I have a job?

Yes, we encourage warriors to have a part time job (10-15 hrs) to learn time management skills.

Is OHWs Training Center a recovery program?

No, we are not equipped or licensed to act as a rehabilitation or recovery center.

What does the Training Center program cost?

Contact us for price and scholarship availability. There is also the option to fundraise or seek sponsorship.

How does my donation get used?

Food, gym/personal training, books, room and board, travel for local outreach.

Do I have to be Native to go through the program?

No, we serve anybody seeking discipleship.

Do you do background checks?

Yes, background is considered but does not automatically disqualify you.

Can I go through the program if I have a family?

Yes, but we only provide housing for the individual going through the program.

A Personal Note from Tuff…

Every person will come to a point in their life and ask the question, “Am I a leader?” Let me answer this for you, yes you are a leader. Someone needs you to be the best version of youself so they have a chance to succeed in life. There are two types of people, those who are leaders and those who are becoming leaders. Leaders are not born they are developed. Some chose to be leaders and some become leaders because no one else is stepping up. Whichever type of leader you are I want to personally thank you for you interest in growing as a leader. This site exists for you to personally grow and develop as a leader. If you are willing to learn, I am willing to help. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Want to learn more?

We are always looking for people like you to join the movement. We can’t wait to meet you! Contact us and lets keep this conversation going.  

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