How One Heart Warriors Got Started

by | Oct 15, 2020

To those who this will move into action it has been given to you this letter of hope.  I write from all parts of my being (mind, soul, spirit, and body), for all have been affected.   I have been given a burden from the Lord that has consumed the majority of my thoughts and prayers.  Many things inspire me to do, what many may consider, impossible.   My life has been an amazing journey with the Lord and I can’t wait for the next step.  Many events in my life that have come to pass have once been deemed impossible by many people in my world.   I have seen things that have put me on a path with no return and I desire to see that which is, by human standards, impossible.  My belief is that you are a major player in this vision and vital to the success of this mission. 

This letter is intended to stir your heart to consider a place at the table of conspiracy.  At this table, we conspire together to do great things through God.  You are needed.  This table is not without commitment and the content of the discussion should not be taken lightly.  Many of us are called to very specific tasks to help build the Body of Christ.  This may look very different to everyone.  Some are given leadership, some the ability to follow, some many talents, others extraordinary creativity that is conjured up in the mind, and many the ability to support others.  Some have an incredible ability to bring a profound perspective with a simplistic understanding.  Some joy with laughter that is contagious.  Few have the financial means to fund an entire operation of this magnitude but all have monetary value through some kind of support.  You have been invited to the table. 

I don’t know how to start a revolution, but I would imagine that it starts with the right information. Including: the players, the field of battle, the opponent, the strengths, the weaknesses, the goal, the warnings, the strategies, and the PLAN!  Not everything is set in place or is even known to me.  This is why this letter is being written to you.  You are a major part of this scheme and it only increases with your support.  You have specific qualities and gifts that are needed to bring hope for victory.  Your heart has been prepared, your understanding grows with application, and your faith builds with action.  If you think you are ready the next question should be the right one:  What is the Mission? 

I’ve been giving a specific mission and it’s a call for all hands on deck, all points bulletin, or every available person who is willing is needed.  Let me start with the timeline of this revelation.  I have spent the last 5 years (2007-2011) chasing my childhood dream of playing professional football.  It has taken me all over the country.  It has had many challenges as well as many blessings.  The people and relationships that the Lord placed in our path have impacted me and my wife in the most profound way.  To say they are a life changing blessing is just the start of my appreciation for those people.  This letter is written to many of those people.  This past year (2011) has been challenging and incredibly blessed.  We started the year off with the Steelers who made their way to the Super Bowl and finished with the Edmonton Eskimos in Canada.  The revelation that the Lord has shown me started when I returned from Canada in late October.  When I returned I committed to working out, reading, learning, and praying for extended periods of the day.  Much of my time was spent seeking the Lord for my next step in my life if football was over.  During this time I was approached with several job opportunities but I respectfully declined to pursue what the Lord would have for me to do.  Every opportunity seemed to get bigger and better.  The carrot dangling in front of my vision was very enticing.  I decided to stick with the original plan. 

Several weeks had gone by and I was enjoying my time in books, the Bible, and the freedom and flexibility of learning something new when I wanted to.  My routine was breakfast, coffee, Bible, books, learn something new, workout, friends and functions.  My time was filled with productive things.  One morning as my wife, Mary, was heading to work I was about to get into my routine.  I was staring at my French press and getting my breakfast ready for the start of the morning.  An urge to fast breakfast came over me and I decided not to eat until after noon.  I went to my usual study desk which happens to be our dining room table which happens to be in the living room.  We lived in a small apartment; we loved it and made it work.  As soon as I sat down at the table I began to receive things from the Lord that were new to me.  Some of the things were new and some things were renewed from a past thought.  I began to write down as much as I could but I couldn’t explain some of the things that I was receiving in writing so I started drawing what I was seeing.  This started to make more sense to me so I continued to draw.  Again I couldn’t fully explain what I was seeing through pictures, so I began to physically act them out.  I would literally stand up and act out what the Lord was giving me and it was very clear to me what it was.  There was a point when acting it out was not enough to get it out.  The way I explain it to people is that there is an easy pressure in my chest in a very specific spot that I feel when I get these things.  So in order to get this feeling to ease I opened my mouth and just started speaking everything that was in me.  What came out was amazing to my ears.  I turned my attention to the empty couch and started talking as if the entire couch was full of people.  I felt like the audience was charged and excited to hear the message that was coming out of my mouth.  Again nobody was on the couch, but the presence of people on the couch was charging me up.  I lost track of time but I think it was over an hour of these wonderful words bubbling up out of me.  When Mary got home I tried to tell her everything that the Lord was giving me.  She responded with a look saying “you are crazy” and she proceeded to take a nap.  In her defense she woke up at 4:30 am that morning. 

During this period of time my heart was breaking for the Native American people.  I grew up on the Crow Indian reservation in southeastern Montana.  Growing up on the reservation was a very difficult thing for me to do.  The reason it was so difficult for me is because I am only half Native American and my other half is mixed with other nationalities.  My native half is ¼ Crow and ¼ Cheyenne.  This is interesting because historically they were warring tribes.  Grandpa Harris crossed the border and met Grandma Yellowtail and had father Harris who crossed the reservation border and met Momma Caton who together had me.  It may seem like an unlikely story but for me it created much difficulty in my childhood.  I struggled to fit in with anyone.  Our family moved around a lot and I went to several different schools.  Some of the schools were on the reservation and some were not.  When I attended the white schools the kids called me, “Indian kid.”  When I went to the reservation schools kids called me, “white boy.”   If I was at a Crow school they would call me, “Cheyenne” and at a Cheyenne school, “Crow.”  All I was trying to do was fit in with the kids so I felt normal.  This actually led me to sin when I really didn’t want to do those things because of my faith in Christ.  When I would do something I knew I wasn’t supposed to, it caused me great sorrow in my soul and I would cry out to the Lord to help me.  By reservation standards I was pretty clean, but I knew by God’s standards I was filthy.  The Lord would eventually reveal to me why He created me this way. 

What the Lord was showing me had to do with the unity of the Body of Christ, this was exciting me.  He was also showing me a place of health for the Native American people, specifically the men of the tribes.  It was a picture of the United States and a lot of the major tribe’s names in their geographic location.  For example, the Seminole are located in south Florida, the Crow are in Southeastern Montana and the Navajo span corners of three states in the southwest, etc.  One place stood out above the rest.  In the vision the Lord was giving me, this location had a large facility or building that could house many people.  This place was healthy and flourishing with people who were building these men up.  It was located in South Dakota, distinctively the Pine Ridge reservation.  What I saw was arrows flying in towards this place and landing or hitting this facility.  I knew what the arrows represented.  They were the men of these tribes who come from a long line of strong warriors.  These arrows were small and not threatening.  As they hit, they would stay for a time and then they would fly back out to the tribes they came from.  Only this time they were large and very healthy and when they hit the ground it caused a fire to spread.  This gave me a surge of energy. 

Over the next few weeks the Lord would continue to give me similar experiences.  I would share them with people as the Lord directed me to and it would often give people the same charge I received.  This was very encouraging to me and made me want to recruit for this fight.  I could see the hunger in men’s eyes.

How do we start this revolution?  We need the true information to guide us.  Every good cause has had the right information.  David knew who he was in God and defeated many a foe because he had the truth.  He looked Goliath in the face and said you defile my God and cut the head off that filthy giant.  Moses saw the abuse of his people and the Lord told him to do something and he did.  Moses led the children of Israel out of bondage and slavery.  President Lincoln knew who the enemy was and it wasn’t people.  That is what allowed him to press on into a war with such human casualty.  His efforts lead him to death.  Martin Luther King Jr. knew his vision and followed it.  His work still gives many freedom today.  He also lost his life during this charge.  I am not asking anyone to lay down their life, although that may be for some.  I’m asking for you to get involved with the work of the Lord.  We (the Body) are the hands and feet of Christ.  One part of the body is not more or less important than the other.  You have everything you need to succeed.  Jesus finished it on the cross and all we need to do is carry that message to the broken. 

So what is the information and who is involved.  The people in need are Native Americans.  The battle field is within the borders of the Reservations.  I believe the starting point is Native Communities and reservations.  The opponent is the same darkness that deceives men to kill, steal, and destroy.  Our strength is us.  Every willing person who pulls their chair up to the table will make an immeasurable difference.  Our weakness is us.  If we do nothing, our result will be the same.  Our goal is simple; we will use every resource to free people from the bondages of satan and give them the truth of their real identity.  They are a people who do not know their identity and are wandering.  Our great country has been apart and even directly caused some of this great atrocity but we can do something to free natives to fulfill their purpose.  The warning is that many have tried and many have failed.  This is not for the casual spectator.  You must find within yourself a desire to see others come to a freedom that you know.  You must care.  The strategy is going to come.  I have been given a limited amount of the strategy but you are vital in the application of your support.  You are the plan!  I can’t do this by myself but I will try if I have to.  The Pine Ridge reservation is probably the most affected by satan’s grip.

The statistics are staggering on the Pine Ridge reservation:

– Unemployment 80-85% 

– 97% live below the poverty level

– Average life expectancy 48 (men)  52 (women),  National average 78

-teen age suicide rates are 150% higher than Nat’l average

-infant mortality rate is 300% higher than Nat’l average, Highest on continent

-Diabetes are 800% higher than Nat’l average

-tuberculosis rate is 800% higher than Nat’l average

-Cervical cancer is 500% higher than Nat’l average

-reports say 60% of homes are infested with Black mold and Stachybotrus.

-Black mold and Stachybotrus cause many fatal and painful illnesses

-Federal Commodity Food Program supplies much of the food that the people eat

-the FCFP’s food is extremely high in salt, carbohydrates, sugar and fat

-preventative health programs are very rare

-treaties with US govt. set up free health care through IHS (Indian health services)

-they provided free care in exchange for mass quantities of land

-The IHS system is grossly under staffed and ill-equipped compared to the need

-school dropout rate is 70>#/p###

-teacher turnover rate is 800% higher than Nat’l average

-the homeless pop. is very high, but most families don’t turn people away

-33% of homes lack basic water, sewage, and electricity 

-many homes on the reservation use the oven to heat the home 

-39% of homes have no electricity

-there are limited or no basic services (banks, stores, eateries, libraries, buses etc.)

-alcoholism affects 4 out of 5 families on the reservation 

-alcoholism related deaths are 300% higher that Nat’l average

Please don’t let the information overwhelm you.  It should cause you to rise up out of your chair.  It should guide your heart toward a solution.  My hope is that it will fuel your desire for justice and redemption.  The native women, the children, the elderly, and very few men have been holding things together because of their love for one another.  They are growing very weak.  Many of these problems are getting younger (suicide, diabetes, alcoholism).  By no means should you think of the Native people as a lost cause.  In fact they are doing some things better than the rest of the country is doing.  There is little to no orphans on the reservation.  Every child has a place to go.  That is also the problem; many mothers or grandmothers are raising dozens of kids, many that are not of blood relation.  Homelessness is also the same.  Everyone has a home.  The patience level of the average Native American is much higher than any group of people that I have seen.  Many people on the reservation will give you clothes right off their back if they feel there is a need.  My wife said to a lady “you have a beautiful necklace” and the lady took it right off her neck and gave it to her.  This is an amazing quality many natives have.  The world needs the beauty of the native heart.  It is something few have seen and most have wondered.  I love my native family so much and desire for them to know who they are in Christ.  We can help!

Whatever breaks your heart or energizes you, don’t hesitate to start planning and let the Lord direct your steps.  It is vital that we help each other. We can’t do this alone.  Our world around us has lied to us saying that we need to be the Lone Ranger, self-reliant, that we need only ourselves.  We have been lied to, we need each other.  We need each other and we need it soon.  Because if we don’t do it, who will?  We have to have the idea that we are the “One”, because we are.  Operating as a single unit fighting as with the strength of many should be our focus.  We all have something to bring to the table, and it is vital to the success of this task.  Use what God has given you because you are the only one that has that specific talent/gift and it is needed.  

If you are unsure that you are a part of this table of conspiracy, consider the following thoughts that many may be having:  “That sounds devastating; I hope someone will do something.”  “That makes me so mad; I wish I could do something.”  “If only I had anything to contribute, I would.”  “God will do something, He has to.”  “I know I’m supposed to do something but It seems impossible.”  “I’ll keep that in my prayers.”  “There has to be more people out there to help.”   “When God tells me to do something I will.”  You may have one or two more things to add to this list.  The truth is I have had all these thoughts and more when I’m presented with a challenge of this magnitude.  I have to believe that these people do exist,  that I do have something to bring to the table, that God will do something, that I am mad and can do something, that I have something to contribute, that it is impossible with men but not with God, and that God has already spoken to us many times many ways. 

Somewhere out there is a kid who is playing and imagining he is rescuing someone from something and it’s a knock down drag out battle.  He is jumping around using weapons, running, chasing off evil, shouting and yelling for what he knows to be true.  The adventure in this kid’s imagination is limitless and creative.  He believes in that moment he is the one who is going to save the day.  That kid was me. That kid was you.  What happened to us?  Warriors, it is time!  Don’t hesitate any longer, you are needed.  You are vital to the success of this mission.  The lines are growing thin, the ground is being taken.  The enemy does not rest, does not sleep.  He will take everything that doesn’t have the Lords banner flying over it.  Your support is enormous and you have been lied to.  You are the one, chosen for such a time as this.  The greatest battle this world has known.  It is the hardest thing you will ever have to do.  It isn’t for the weak.  It’s for those who know their God and are known by God.  Jesus is our only hope.   He is our commander, our leader, the one who is… who was… and who will be again!  He calls!  The question is, are you willing to fight with everything you have?  Whatever God has called you to do, do it.  Whatever stirs your heart, listen to it and respond.  Don’t let that childlike faith you once had, be snuffed out by lies from this world, from our enemy and even from those who would try to protect us.  If you are being called, activate that faith and respond by getting involved with peoples’ pain.  Those who will respond I believe will be chosen. 

 You have in some way affected me and I know that you are a part of this.  I only ask that you do something.  People are standing firm in hope that you will come.  Some people believe that God has not forgotten about them.  Some have given up and chose to extinguish the pain.  Your presence builds the hope within people.  Many have waited far too long.  Send those reinforcements back to the front lines.  It is the men who need to be fighting at the front.  Women can help and have been helping.  All are needed and all can do something whether you know it or not.  Don’t let the enemy fool you to think it is harder than you can handle.  Do you not know that you are the temple of God and the Spirit of God dwells in you?  We think do, but Christ said Done!  Live in such a way that reflects this truth.  This letter is a call to those whom are invited to the table of conspiracy.  I pray you make it to that table. 

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